Endo Stress

I found out a few years ago, while trying to get pregnant, my greatest desire in life. Thank god pain is not an issue, but now age is. I am now heading towards

forty and.....still hoping before that forty arrives. It was a big problem in my life but  since reading the book on The secret, I must say it helps a lot and not

forgetting prays. I think I have tried almost everything to get pregnant ontil am broke..but am still happy I did try. What makes me sad 

is attending family function and seeing my sisters,friends and other members with  their kids, and then the questions starts "Hi! Destra what

you waiting on to have kids" and there I feel like running away from everyone for a while. I feel like life is so unfair to me but god knows best.

Destra Destra
36-40, F
Mar 10, 2010