Pee In Bed With 2 Ssbbw Ladies

Through a series of contacts, I met online two extremely large SSBBW ladies. We all were in the mood for an interesting weekend involving kinky activities. I met these ladies at a NAAFA social event in the Washington D.C area.We then arranged to meet privately for a weekend of kinky activities. They both were approximately 500 pounds so I located a hotel with a room containing a king size bed. We prepared the bed so as not to destroy the matress. For the first night we purchased a supply of beer, wine and other beverages. The three of us changed in to pajamas and began the evening's activities. I was in the middle with each lady on either side of me We began the pee in bed activities about 9-00 PM on a Friday night. As we peed I began exploring each lady's inviting rolls of soft flesh. As we engaged in the pee in bed sessions, On Saturday morning, we arose from an all night pee in bed activity.  While still in our soaking wet pajamas, we had coffee.  Then we ******** from our night wear and shared a shower together.  I was in the middle of two very large bbw ladies as we showered.  after showering, we dressed and took our wwet pajamas to the hotel laundry service.  aWe went back into the room with our clean pajamas and put them back on again.  Throughout the afternoon and long into the evening, we began another pee in bed session.  The activity ended on a Sunday when we checked out.  The experience was very naughty, kinky and fun.  bwe partook of the supply of beer and other beverages. This activity continued throughout the night and in to the early morning. I'll continue the narrative of what happened on Saturday evening in an additional post.

jorourke jorourke
56-60, M
Mar 9, 2010