The Perfect *****

My ex-girlfriend had the best ***** ever. The first time I saw it, after pulling her pants down and taking off her panties, it was the most beautiful ***** I had ever seen. She has long labia and a big vulva, I really love how big it is. Also, her natural smell was of wild flowers. I'm not joking; most girls have a musty smell or sometimes even BO or a fishy smell but this girl always smells like a field of flowers and tastes like honey. It was unbelievable.

One of the first times I went down on her, I was fingering her and licking her **** for a while when she came, sending a little trickle of juice running down her lips. I was surprised but had seen this in **** before, so I knew what it was. Since it tasted sweet I kept licking and brought her to a few more *******. We were together for a while and I discovered that the more times she came, the more she would squirt. She could easily come a dozen times in a row, sometimes more. The few times I had her ******* 20+ times, by the end her ***** would be gushing and spraying juice, just like those squirting **** stars. Her ejaculations would get bigger and bigger, after each consecutive ******, eventually soaking my face and the whole bed. We would often need to put towels down or else someone would have to sleep in a puddle.

I really miss that *****.
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26-30, M
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

Great story, I'll bet you miss her.<br />
My first squirter was my freshman year in college. As I continued to munch on her she got juicier and juicier until she let loose like a fire hose. It was her first squirt and she was horrorfied thinking she pissed on me. I wiped off my eyes and asked,"Hey baby can you *** like that again:... and she did.