Well, We'll See

I have to be without a car till Friday. I live in a town where you can't go anywhere without a car. There's a convenience store I can always walk to to get some supplies, but it's kind of a dangerous meandering trek. I have two brothers that live here that I can get rides from, but they have kids and work and are busy souls. I bought a lotta stuff yesterday while I still had a car; it was a rental car I had to turn in later that afternoon. It's very expensive to rent a car if your insurance isn't paying for it. I have like zero friends and have to be on my own. Can't even go to therapy. But my therapist can do a session over the phone if I want. That would be weird. Wow, this all sounds so whiny. I intend to play video games and not wear make-up while I am stuck here.
Sage360 Sage360
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Imagine that! I'd just settle for singing like her. I keep playing this pinball video game. It certainly kills time. I've got some car racing games, but I'm too slow somehow to win. It's nice to have distractions!

Did you know that when I need to get my mind on another track I just fire up EP and see what ole Sage is up to -- kick butt playing those games and enjoy. <br />
BTW, I'd never seen that particular photo of Janis and without my specks I'm blurry -- so I was telling my granddaughter about how I like your writing and showed them 'your' pic and said you look like Janis Joplin -- she was rolling in the floor when she saw it --- she said Graaaaaaaaaaaaanny -- that IS Janis Joplin! Talk about feeling stupid!