Poor Poor Cristian

Last cristmas I was so excited that we get to go to my grandparents house, but this year I had a special reason. My aunts family would be there.  You'd think that I would dread it, but actually I just wanted to see aly again, and all my other cousins that I hadn't seen ina bout three years. 

I also would meet cristian, alys baby.


I feel the need to clears up why exactly I felt so sorry for him, and even more angry at my aunt. 

You see, at first when we first heard of Alysias pregnancy, we were shocked and my aunt said that the fathers was just some 16 year old cuban boy, but she laterr admitted the truth about that.  That wasn't what angered me.  My aunt "claimed" ( she's a terrible liar)  that she never even knew that aly was pregnant until she was about eight months along.   ( which was techniclay sort of true, aly was so malnourished that it didn't show to well.)

She would have known if she had be taking care of her kids, taking them for check ups, and I don't know... FEEDING THEM!!!!  But anyway, because she claimed she never knew, the baby was born with epilepsy and was very malnourished. 


When I met alysia I was shocked, she looked exactly the same, just taller.  She was still rail thin and all the kids were malnourished and unhealthy.  But no one mentioned it, so I didn't say anything.  It was so great spending the hloidays with her.  I missed my cousin sooooo much it wasn't even funny.  I loved all my cousins, even micheal.  When we left, it broke my heart to say goodby knowing that I probaly wouldn't see them again for at least another four years.  I just wish I could help them.  I just don't know how. I know I could just go on and tell an adult, but I just can't.  I feel like I'm betraying my faimly, and as much as I hate renee, I can't turn her in even though every voice in my head says I should.

I'm sorry aly.


well, thats my drama, or at least the drama of my extended family.  I love them, and I hope everything turn out better in the end!

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