And It's All Buried

It's really strange. We've been the perfect family for YEARS. Never fighting, always having fun, doings lots of things together, three kids who were spoiled silly. Everyone who saw us together thought we were the perfect family. And in fact I thought the same for a very long time.
Until my father told me he thought about breaking up with my mom. Then my mom started cheating on my father. And then everything went to hell. My father had to go to a clinic for burnout, my sister and I started getting panic attacks, my mom moved out, I moved out, I had to go to a clinic. And now my mom's living with her new girlfriend and my dad's dating woman after woman. And I'm discussing my relationship to my father in therapy.
Somewhere we went off the track...
BUT when we meet - everything IS fine. We laugh, we share, we do things. It's frustrating.
Monstermosaik Monstermosaik
22-25, F
May 23, 2012