SoOoOoo Messed Up!

Well, anyone who meets me will think that i'm just a girl that has everything perfect in her, and they'de think that I live in my own bubble where everthing is perfect.

looking at my family life u'll see just the opposite:

my mom has been having an affair with a guy whom she might actually love,of course not a member of my family knows this except me.I found out about 2 years ago from the text messages on her cell and ever since i didn't have the balls to say anything(also u'll later find out why i kept my mouth shut).

My 14 year old brother (who is younger than me by 4 years)keeps on pulling jokes on me which start out as funny but aren't so later on.

My father operates me!If you knw what i mean...He believes that I'm the future of the family and that I'm supposed to stay at home or at work all the time, and by work i mean his job,his job is with garage equipment and being a girl i really dnt like that...but i shut up and do whatever he needs me to do because i still feel sorry for him, though i really shouldn't. he doesn't want me to date, or live my life as t should be.

Little does he know about my boyfriend...We've been together for three years.I love him so much and he loves me problems there thank god! It might seem as nothing but when u pull it all together it's just my boyfriend and my long term bestfriend who keep me wanting to go on by showing me the bright side of everything.

Doubt it though, any advice???

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1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I have to say I know how you feel, you have to be strong and find out who you are, you make your path in life let what goes on in your life be an experience that makes you stronger and wiser. What you go through will either make you a stronger, better person or tear you down. The choice is yours. As long as you have true love and support from some where. know you will make it through.