It pi*ses me off and it also disappoints me how I get so little respect from most of the people in my family.  I feel so overlooked.  Nobody wants to talk to me about my job, nobody bothers to ask how I am, no one gives a **** about anything going on in my life.  So many of them are so f*cking selfish, materialistic, uncaring.  

As much as I'd like to think I'm successful, they'll never look at me in that way because I'm not a lawyer, doctor, etc...in other words I'm not somebody who makes a lot of money.  I have an awesome job that I love, it's actually something that I am passionate about, but it doesn't make a lot of money.  It's enough.  I can pay rent, buy food, pay off all my bills and still have some to save.  Because they don't think I'm successful, they don't give me enough respect.  It's bullsh*t.  With all of them, I feel more like "a friend of a family" than an actual blood family member.  They're all so tight knit if you don't count me.  You could say I'm the black sheep.

I guess what I'm trying to say with this whole rant is that I wish my family gave me more respect, acknowledgment, love.  At least motherf*cking ask me how I am.  Sh*t, it's not that hard.

Oh and I'm tired of having to do everything by myself.  I wish at least one of my parents supported me, not money-wise, but by just having my back.  You can't really say sh*t or know sh*t about the importance of parental support is when you never had it.

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(((((((bearrhugsss))))))) It is! It's not the Maury are-you-my-baby's-daddy type of family problem, but we definitely have that kind of stuff going on too in my family lmbo, thought I'd write about this stuff though and keep my story about my own business and not theirs :P

thats pretty dramatic!! (((((((bearhugs))))))))