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I am addicted to experiences. I add so many new experiences because I have had the experience and I like to support my friends when they create a new one. I need an intervention though lol.

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I just found this group and I thought of you. You wrote this story in Feb 2010 & I bet you didn't have over 65,500 experiences then. Just think of all the new experiences you've accumulated in those 2 years (well almost). I'm really selective about the experiences I join and I still feel like I have too many. I've been known to delete a few here & there if I really don't want to share that part of myself anymore. <br />
<br />
You certainly could use an intervention; yet @EP they're always encouraging us to join more & more. I suppose addiction is a matter of opinion. ;~)

Oh believe me, i will lol.<br />
<br />
and i actually think pineapples are the cure :) haha

YOu do seem to make some of us look dull and "inexperienced"!! lol. J/kidding! Lemme know when a book on your life comes out! I'll buy, and I want it personally autographed! :) Hey! If Sarah Palin can do it.. YOU CAN DO IT! ;D

It is a biotch.

LOL I am sure you will Pineapple Princess.

pssshh u could never have too many experiences. but in the future if an intervention is needed, i will be group leader lol jks