Healthy Boundaries are the Best !

To outline the standards she expects
I am supporting Holley and her GROUP
Some EP'ers have tight rigid Boundaries
Holley and I not like that we have ...
Healthy ~ Flexible Boundaries which makes us
Able to interact with hundreds on EP.
I have supported 1Petitegreeneyes
and her lingerie Avatars ~ I do not support nude
or s e x plicit Avatars. We can avoid extremes.
EP is a very very very broad site.
For many this is it's main attraction.
There are people with RIGID BOUNDARIES
There are people with ZERO BOUNDARIES.
For me I like vibrant EP'ers with HEALTHY BOUNDARIES
Good moral standards but don't object to STOCKING TOPS !

Your comments would be very welcome LOL JamesĀ 
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Thanks my are a true sweetheart and gentleman. I think you said it PERFECTLY with "healthy boundaries". Beautifully written.

The problem is,having and maintaining some sort of boundary here.... trying to maintain control of what is then on you home page here at EP..I have tried to be open minded and fair, and all I really have gotten is buried with garbage, And so that tactic did not work. EP is not set up so that you can limit some of this unwanted and interactive information that comes through from your ...."friends activity" .

To be honest, knowing what I know today, i would not accept any or very many friends here, perhaps,not more than 20..... and , just simply, align myself in groups of interest, post stories, answer questions and interact that way.