Okay, I Admit It...

EP has brought out a side of me that I have tried very hard to keep under control for years.  I wasn't always just a jester, making jokes and commenting on everything with a slight mental imbalance.  I used to be fairly straight laced and kind to little children and cats and dogs.  But then I found that the more EP I took, the more I became addicted and my personality began to change.  I joked, I used innuendos, I used double speak on a regular basis and started to poke fun at things more regularly.  In fact, I even have ow hit the point that I send emails to people just for fun, without really having anything to say at all.  It is all so sad to see the depths to which I have sunk...  Oh well, what the hell, let's have fun with it, cause I know I ain't going to change!

LonghornFan LonghornFan
56-60, M
8 Responses Feb 6, 2010

Ah, EP has loosened you up we like this side of you. ; ) Life's too short LongHornfan.

I think the cat has a speech impediment...

Is this not the most beautiful site Lungtransplant. Go spread the word and keep postin.<br />
<br />
I,d be well and truly Furked without my EPA .

I knew we were gonna like you Lungcorn !

muah longhorn!

Well thanks ladies! I appreciate your support and caring attitudes. I know this is just another phase in my life and this too will pass, but then again, who knows???

LonghornFan come on over here so I can grab you by the horns and just hold you! SMILE!!!

let it out , Vent!<br />
<br />
you are among friends...most of us are good people....I know I am!...