This Is True....

Now HELP me!,wait.....I don't want help. I mean...Ugh, I give up. I'm a complete EP addict.
soleilbaby soleilbaby
36-40, F
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I would just like to remind Members that everything I say is totally true and deadly serious.<br />
<br />
Sorry for any misunderstanding.<br />
<br />

Welcome baby. First rule of this group is to realize that we aren't really going to be able to help you because all of us have the same problem and don't want help. With that said, just sit back, put down the remote and place your tongue firmly in your cheek prior to commenting on any of the stories in this group.

Bout time too AFD. What kinda welcoming party are you ?

I may not get my laundry done...because of ep....but at least I don't do drugs!!

Hehe...thanks everyone!...Hugs!

sweet! Hi friends!

I feel your pain dear!!!!!! :-)

dr Pt will take care of your addiction. lol

Lol...peza! Giggling....

I cant take my eyes off your bosom.<br />
Anyway, forget that . Welcome aboard Solarbubby ! Hope you enjoy !!!

Soleilbaby, WELCOME!!! You are amongst friends! So very many of us are addicted to EP and LOVE it! ENJOY!!!

Lol....thank you! Me either, I'm too entertained and cared for by these people!

Welcome to the meeting!!!<br />
<br />
Now..but, it's a good addiction that i'm not going to give up anytime soon!