Have It Bad

I am so addicted. It's 4am and I'm still here writing and reading......


It 6am and I'm still going.....

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7 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Hey Michelle, where are ya?.....see, I'm as bad as you girl!! lol...but it's ok, it's a nice place to be! : )

And Michelle, age is not a barrier or immunity to addiction with EP. In fact, those of us who have gotten addicted seem to be slightly older than the teeny bopper set...

If you stop suddenly you will go into withdrawal (Not nice!).

I have found myself here at 4 am. I understand. And have to be up and going at 6!

WELCOME!!! Admittance is the FIRST step! ENJOY!!!

Addiction is addiction , no matter which way you dress it up.<br />
<br />

Don,t worry child. You are not alone.