My How Ep Has Grown!

Back in October 2009 I had accidentally stumbled upon the Ep site. I had noticed that there were only 2,800,000 Experiences shared at that time.That number grew to 4,000,000 On Febuary 23rd 2010! How could I forget cause it was my birthday! And somebody in the question and answer section offered a contest to guess when the number would roll over to the 4 million mark, I guessed for the day of my birthday and sure enough it did and that person showered me in gifts for guessing correctly! It totally amazes me how much Ep is growing. I just thought that I'd share that tid bit of info

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It certainly has grown. I wrote my first story around April of 09' after watching this site for a few months. At first I thought that EP was too obscure to bother with but it was the only place where I could find any similar stories to my own. Now it's FILLED with non-sense and perverts. Oh well, it's still a great place though.

Ha ha ha ha sounds right to me!

UNMMMMMM 36,423,018 comments. But that's just a SWAG...

Wanna take a wild guess? Lol!

WOW! I had NOT realized that EP has made it to the 4,000,000 mark! THANK YOU for sharing!!!


And you are still hanging on at EP, watching the numbers grow and adding to them yourself... Yep, you got the EPA bad too.

Thank you Lol! 2012! Wow that would mean that Ep was running very slowly lol! Yeah he even sent me some cake.

Very cool! Happy BDay!