I think i may have to relinquish my position as EPA,s Official Enforcer.


This is very sad and distressing (For me ).


It seems , the Feds have finally caught up with me.  If they throw me in the slammer , will you come visit.?

I suffer from claustrophobia and have no desire to be a Jail Bride.

I have contacts and a mobile phone.


Prisoner 266652. Federal Penitentiary . Beddgelert.

P.S. I have met a very nice man , named Essendon.


Send File In Cake !!


peza peza
51-55, M
11 Responses Mar 5, 2010

your past is interestinger and interestinger

can anyone please clarify what<br />
is up with Peza please?

Bout furkin time .....LAAAAD !

the cakes in the file...................

Peza. i just had a word with O'Wise One, she's going to brew up some herbal senna tea , she's got a beautiful daughter, she's gonna take them screws afternoon tea, and when they're busy, approx midnight, we'll break you out. m Just looked at the date above , gee, i hope i'm not to late...

I knew I would never be left alone to rot in Solitary.<br />
<br />
Peace Peeps !<br />
<br />
Solidarnosc ! (Polish for furk the Commies).<br />
<br />
Free-Thinkers for ever.

be strong peza! <br />
<br />
longhorn- I like it!

Those people have no jurisdiction over an EPA Enforcer---you tell them, That I said so!!! I'm a close relative of the former Queen of France---and even though they removed her head--There are plenty of Royalists World wide--who will come to your tell those Beddgelerter Facists that I am going to get in touch with Elizabeth if they don't let you go right now!! hugs, gryf

That,s the spirit Lungcorn !<br />
<br />
Who are they to think they can destroy our Lives.<br />
<br />
They don,t know the meanin of Insurgency yet .!<br />
<br />
The fools will soon learn that we are a Hard Bunch Of MoFo,s.. Who cannot be bribed with trinkets and suchlike.<br />
<br />
Power To The Vegetarians !<br />
<br />
Right On.!

Well, then that's it. I'm going to come over and just bull my way in and bust you out. Can't have the official EPA enforcer under enforcement. AFD, you better start baking. And big cakes with big files...

Sorry AFD.<br />
<br />
But the screws are really harsh in Beddgelert.<br />
<br />
They won,t even allow letters in the Welsh language.<br />
<br />