The Idniscrimanate Actions Of The Nazis.

We could just as well be living in Vichy France.

Yhey,re only means of Brain-Control is too reward the Local Collabarors who behave likie Informers.

I pray no EP,ers ever feel the need to act like Nazi,s for the sake of a Shilling..

We have Morals and a faith in Justice.


I will fight Fascism til the day I die.


A Communist Cat.

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

what a revoltin' development this is.

I'm sorry, didn't we fight this war and win it 65 years ago? Granted, those who don't know history are bound to repeat it, but what gives with the Nazis and Vichy French in Wales? Or did the kitty not get enough cat nip and now he's tummy is upset?

Double Peace ,<br />
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To you Gryfnn.

ROTFLMAO---I missed you yesterday--the dogs comforted me... I was so worried that you were in the pokey. I know it might seem a bit unusual, But because I'm a royalist--would you refuse to let me fight by your side against facism? ---I know that Communists are a bit annoyed with the royals-- as they demonstrated when they supposedly offed the Zarr and his brood... I think that was just a made up story--- I think the zarr, and zarrina, the kids and their houseboy, Rasputin-- all moved to a cozy cottage in the country--after changing their names--- they lived happy ever after.. Maybe it was "Czar and "Czarina" I used to be a good speller--but I forgot more than I ever knew. Hugs from your relative,<br />
The Winged Lion. :)