I'm Happy ! : )

The house is a mess

Dishes not done

Beds unmade

Dinner not planned

Rubbish not out

Coffee jar almost empty

Still sitting in my Pj's

I am an addict

I hope it wears off soon!!

Tgilly Tgilly
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14 Responses Mar 11, 2010

i'd hear you coming hehe.. cattle can't stalk but cats can..ask essendon

Stalking with love, though...

Guilty as charged... But then, maybe I'm your stalker....


hahahaha.. and how do you know .. you must be there as well : )

Ah, but she still can't stay away from the Q&A. Answers almost as many questions as AFD asks...

yes.. it was a bugger..i'm handling it better now.. but still ..i have my moments.

Hey boys, i've got more of a handle on it now. haha.. cleaned the guns recently..?

To <br />
longhorn.. i'm a virgo and we have everything under control within minutes of having a problem.<br />
rob57... got it sorted.<br />
amyma,.. angels at my side to keep me focused.<br />
paco... meet you at the airport .<br />
goahead, knew i could count on you.

T you'll make it I now you will GD

Ok, just this one time. What are the directions to Auckland from Texas, USA. Just a hop,skip and a jump. I can do house work, I'm not totally useless. Paco35:)

Get off the computer and out of the house. If all I ever did was sat here all day on my computer I would be depressed and undone things would pile up around me too I'm sure.

hehe nice story -we are ep addicts and we are proud !!hehe:)

Oh, I wouldn't hope that it wears off, just maybe becomes a manageable addiction. Maybe allowing you enough time to fill the coffee jar and take the rubbish out. To heck with the dishes, beds, getting dressed, and all the rest of that stuff...