Sudden Episodes (2/27/12)

Yesterday, I was having a good day. Not too busy at work, got a few patterns made, was feeling pretty good. At about 4, I was about to start another pattern, when I realize what time it was, and decided I'd better quit, as I didn't want to make any foolish errors during my last hour here at work. I went and sat down, begun to check my email, when suddenly, a small seizure hit. Just lasted about 30 seconds and it was gone. No side effects, no after effects, except later a headache around my left eye. I went to bed early. Having not slept very well, I was up at six, and checked my mail to find out that a friend had died of brain cancer. Something he had been fighting for a long time. Of course, I am saddened to see him go, but I am glad he's not suffering any more. Sometimes, I can feel when stuff like this happens, and I was wondering if that is why I didn't sleep well last night, or if that's where my seizure came from. Who knows. Today, I came back to work feeling better, and ready to tackle the day. I was enjoying my second cup of coffee, when I was hit by another seizure. This one a bit bigger. Big enough for me to spill coffee on my desk, and to drool my current sip onto the front of my shirt. And a couple hours later, I'm feeling drained. My seizures normally don't affect me so much anymore, but when they do, it's very distracting and frustrating. All I can do is wait it out, and try to do what I can throughout the day to keep my mind off of it. Hopefully, I won't have any more for a while. But for now, I just need to try to keep myself going. *sigh*
silentwriter180 silentwriter180
46-50, F
Feb 27, 2012