I Am Not Ashame To Have You With Me

I did Brian scan, test and stuff so I am not gonna ask why I've been traveling with Epilepsy to me it is just a natural reaction and just deal with the fact living a healthy life to the fullest like going to party...
It's been 18 years since every movement my body gets aware of it having this strange feeling like I am a baby learning how to walk and sometimes I cannot talk rather than to think the last time I had a seizure was last year January. I woke up looking wild and unconscious asking "who are you?" looking around frightfully.
Now I can control my fixs before it happens even though determination is my key inhaling mashed Eskellion or Garlic meanwhile talking to it. I know it sounds crazy but it always help (I called it Nikki because it is apart of me) then again mine aren't not bad...
I never experience seeing an epileptic person in attack. All of my friends and family accept me and everywhere I go people give me mad love having fix is no embarrassment for me, only the strong wil survive and I will never surrender.
Below are the pills that I am taking:
* Dilantin- 3 at night
* Folic Acid- 1 in the morning
* Barbifed- 2 in the night
yaady yaady
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 21, 2012

No, Thank you very, very much! Xxx


Wow, your storie has such insperation for people with epilepsy. Defo was 4 me!! Thank you. Very, very true what u say. 2 right, got to live with, and deal with it, and it is apart of us! Live life 2 the fullest, there is nothing else we can do. I will not surrender either!! Gunna keep going strong! :D xxxx

Thank you very much :)