Terrified!! Have Seizures Then Sleepwalk!

I started having seizures in my sleep more than 15 years ago. This past year after a seizure I'm assuming, I sleptwalk out the front door, in nothing but my underwear and a tank top 15 blocks before I woke up. Thankfully I was extremely close to police/fire station so they called my parents. I also have awoken from seizures and felt the need to go to church and that I was a bad person or something and have had overwhelming feelings of absolute terror and dread. Does anyone else experience this? I would do anything to never experience again. Added Vimpat in September to my Lamictal, and Zonegran and it has made my seizures substantially better as far as frequency. Went from having them sometimes several times a week to now anywhere from 1-10x a month give or take which is good. I feel I mostly have them only when I miss a pill (rarely) or take them a little off schedule. Although they are substantially better as far as frequency when I have them they still are just as bad as the very first or last one. One other thing that has also helped substantially as far as frequency that has been mind-blowing is that I gave up drinking Diet 7-Up. I drank almost 10 a day but then gave up all artificial sweetener/aspartame and switched to club soda and seizures dropped dramatically. Had a few seizures the past 2 weeks and feeling a little tired, spacy,sad and confused. :( Wish I knew more people with epilepsy. :)
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i meant once a day sorry

dont be ashamed of your epilepsy but embrase it i know this a weird comment but its true if you have sezuries easy keep away from pre packaged or fast food cook yourdelf give it about 4 weeks keep your wait in check and you will notice the difrence but keep taking your medication ask your doctor combine Epilim 1000mg and 200mg of lamogine in the morning once a week it works and if you like a drink the make sure too keep th h2o up !