Another Smack In The Face

So, lately I've been feeling good. No seizures, just small tolerable occasional twinges, that are more annoying than anything. Well, last night, I went to my favorite restaurant to hang out and wait for my husband to get off work, and while there, I was hit by a pretty good sized seizure. I was sitting at the bar with a cola and my notepad, listening to the basketball game on tv, and suddenly I lost the grip of my pen. I knew what was coming and I just sat there. It lasted a minute or so and when it was done, I was drained. I picked up my phone to sign into my seizure tracker program, put in my user name and went to put in my password, but I couldn't spell it right. A very simple word I kept repeating to myself, but when I went to type it in, I couldn't put the letters in the right order. Finally, after a few tries, I got it right. I got into my program, put in the, time, length, etc. but when it came to describing the seizure and just how I was feeling, again it wouldn't come out right. So, I quit, and decided to try again later. By the time my husband arrived, I was feeling extremely drained and feverish. We had dinner and came home and I was finally able to put in my details. I was exhausted and went straight to bed.

Usually, the next day I'm feeling good as new, but today, I'm still feeling a bit drained. For me, its more frustrating than anything. Hopefully, today is a slow, easy day and with some more Advil, I can get rid of this headache I've had all night. *sigh*
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1 Response May 15, 2012

must be a week for them<br />
the one young lady that lives with me had a super major one sunday night and when they hit her her bpody arches up and arms slam backwards and she was plying with her feeding tube she pulled it so hard she broke the wall mount and pulled the pump down to her chest so know she has black and blue spots on chest inside right arm left arm and hand from hitting the wall<br />
<br />
we wee lucky it was a single one and not a chain and it was the first in 20 years<br />
but all levels are where theyneed to be it may have been sodium related as that level was down

Oh, Geez. I am very grateful mine are not that heavy, but my heart goes out to those who have those. There are many different levels of epilepsy, I just got very lucky my seizures are usually very small and tolerable!! My thoughts are with her.