Just A Little Bit Lost, Less, And Loved.

It started out a year ago when I was 13. I was at my mom's friend's house. Her daughter had just turned 6 and we were all celebrating having a great time in the pool. Since I have lived in Arizona my whole life I know the danger of heat exhaustion and dehydration, but apparantly today I didn't mind them at all. From what my parents tell me, I had my first seizure in a pool. I was underwater for minutes until someone noticed I was sitting down there. They pulled me out, face as blue as the water, not breathing. Most people would have said I passed out or just fainted. But signs of trauma from my brain and scuffs on my body said otherwise. My family was devesated: They never knew if I would wake up. They said ambulances were called, reporters showed up, and helicopters were flown in. I DON'T REMEMBER A THING. But I woke up in the hospital, strapped down and needles and fluids rushing in and out of me. You can imagine I was pretty scared. I was in a hospital gown, and had a cathedar placed in. At 13, I felt pretty violated and scared. With a room full of scared faces and tears the first words of mine were," What happened?" My mother nearly jumped out of her seat. I adjusted and the room became more clear, nurses, doctors, and the rest of my family was all I saw. My mother later explained the previous and how I was awake and VERY aggressive. I was pulling, screaming, and biting firefighters because I wasn't aware of what was happening. I still can't recall a single image. Later that day, four doctors, or what I had guessed were neurologists walked into my hospital room. Clearing through my field of balloons, flowers, and teddy bears, they gave me the news. I have been diagnosed with JME (Juvinile Mioclonic Epilepsy) for a little over a year now, fully medicated, and seizure free. I have my family, friends, and the help of my church to thank for it. I still live with the cons of epilepsy but have come to realize it's opened up more paths in my life and the lives of other Epileptics who need helping getting through this.
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Great attitude, keep it. One more thing learn abut epilepsy, treatments, tests; ct scan, mri most important eeg and monitored eeg. There is a world of difference in the two. Normal eeg lasts an hour or so, no seizure during test you are normal. You may have a seizure in the parking lot; but the eeg said you are normal NO epilepsy. A monitored eeg, they hook you up and you stay wired until you have seizures. The proccess can suck. You are in bed with all these wires stuck to your head. They wean you of your meds until you have seizures. It took a eek for me have seizures. The whole time you are on a hard mattress with ugly blue sheets and a video camra aimed at you. It sucks; but it can tell more of what's going on in your head. Inform yourself, don't rely on your doctor. Test him, show him you know the score; if he she is good they will be glad you are taking the interest.
Go to DayTimer, get a pocket day planner to keep your seizure log. The 2pg-per-day 24-hour #98024 is good. A seizure log is important.