My Vents On Epilepsy

I hate having epilepsy, but I have learned to not be a victim. My epilepsy has caused me to have 3 miscarriages. I will no longer try to have a kid. Due to epilepsy and me being on depekote. I have had epilepsy since I was 6 years old. I take depekote, Tegretol and lamictal. My seizures are controlled. But, all us here know we still have our bad days with epilepsy. My complaint with epilepsy is this. People do not understand!!!!! How many times have you heard this. "Well I have never seen you have a seizure."When a person says that to me. It's as if they don't believe you. Or, how about this. "Your to pretty to have epilepsy." I find that rude to ever say. That is insulting everyone with epilepsy.

Here is my other vent of having epilepsy. I am sure you all can understand. Your manager at work doesn't understand. Your manager starts to give you less hours. When they see you have fallen on the job from seizures. What's worse is this. When you have to be at work at a certain hour. And you can't make it. Because, you have been falling on the floor, or having major jerk type seizures. So you call your manager and explain the situation. Yet, they still get mad. As a result, it's hard having a job for long, due to epilepsy. Now I can go on and on. But you as group members, have to respond for me to share more stories.
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I am lucky to have an understanding supervisor and understanding staff that works under me. But I have recently begun living on my own, and when I have the larger seizures, it's very scary to be alone.
I also hate having them at work and losing control and messing my clothes. It's very humiliating, but there is not much I can do about it. I have to work.

I'm also epileptic and the story about miscarriage always hurts me .......there's a hospital in New York that works on cases like epilepsy

Yes it's verry hard to keep a job , I wish people could understand that ,I just won my case social security to get more BENIFITS .... No one understands unless they have siezures how hard it is to lead a happy product full life

So true I also have epilepsy I understand it SUCKS !!!

I got lucky with the boss part. My boss has a son who is epileptic so she is very understanding I am so blessed to have her as a boss

My wife has epilepsy and I agree with everything that you said, she got lucky she was able to get a disability retirement from her job because of it