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wishing to talk to other parents of child with severe refractory drugs work. 3 craniotomies did not work, brain injured now, still having 5 to 50 sez's/day with injuries(drop seizures) no government help or respite care available in BC canada.maxxed out parent, broken in spirit and plain broke financially...anyone out there in the same sinking boat?
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Such as your child, I suffered seizure disorder despite all anti-convulsant meds, and two unauthorized temporal lobectomies along with the intrusion of 43 metallic implants in the cerebral cortex. Adverse effects of this unauthorized lobotomy at 14 & 16 years of age, consisted of increase and variation in seizure disorder, status epilepticus, continual episodes of cerebral hemmorrahaging in the operative field, and PTSD when screaming verbal profanities during a local cranium incision. The only way I could survive the status epilepticus which claims 2400-4600 lives every year across Canada, was to administer the cannabinoids. (Marijuana) Pot has anti-convulsant properties and great for post psychosurgical / lobotomy intrusion. It is a result of this cruel and inhumane treatment of epileptic subjects (children) that I endured 20 years before the courts as to have our marijuana laws declared unconstitutional by Justice Patrick Sheppard Dec. 10,1997.
There are parents in California feeding their epileptic children marijuana pablum, and guess what, no more seizures! Terry Parker Jr.