The Most Ironic Moment Since My Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with epilepsy two years ago and it was the worst day of my life at that moment. But if I hadn't been diagnosed with it I would never have been friends with a girl in my class who also has epilepsy and she helped me deal with the teasing and the people purposefully trying to trigger a seizure even though they were told that we had epilepsy. I started to feel better about myself and the diagnosis and avoiding triggers. Well,the other day we were hanging out and she started having cluster absence seizures then a complex seizure which went into a secondary generalized tonic clonic seizure. I always tell people that should a seizure (tonic clonic seizure ) occur to stay calm. Well this was the first time I was the one to be helping instead of receiving the help. I never knew how scary they are and I now am even more greatfulll for the individuals who have been in the situation of helping me with the seizures iv had and how they stayed calm because it was hard not to feel panicked. I know what to do but I wasn't expecting it to be like that. I was honestly scared that I may do something wrong. For those who have never seen it happen (tonic clonic seizure ) YouTube it so you know what it is like so if the roles switch for you you know what actually happens because we don't know ourselves because we are usually the one that is having the seizure right.
Bellaepileptic3b2 Bellaepileptic3b2
18-21, F
Dec 5, 2012