Dealing With My Epilepsy

I Was Diagnosed With Ideopathic Epilepsy 14 Years Ago When I Was 8 Years Old Which Back Then Was Only On One Part Of My Brain And Just Recently I Was Told That I Now Have Genralised Epilepsy Which Is All Over My Brain. I've Also Recently Had My Medication Changed From Carbamazepine On To Lamotrigine And Now My Fits Are Even Worser Now Than They Were Before. I Do Get Annoyed With It At Times Because I Have To Have Someone With Me When I Go Anywhere Because I Have Them In The Main Road And I Also Have Panic Attacks And At Times I Feel Like I'm A Burdon To Other People So I Just Keep It To Myself And Some Of My Symptoms Are Jerkin And Dropping Things That Are Out Of My Control, Blurred And Impaired Vision, Shaking, Twitching, Getting Irritated Easily, Can't Do With Strobe Lighting And Flashing Lights e.t.c But I've Learned Not To Play The Victim And That Way I Just Try And Get On With Day To Day Life The Best That I Can.
angelglow07 angelglow07
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

No I Hate Not Being Able To Cope With Strobe Lighting But I Just Get On With It Because I Can't Do Anything About It...Do You Have The Same Symptoms Or Slightly Other Symptoms To Me?