Is It Epilepsy Or Not?

October 2009: about 7 years ago i was watching tv one night and i passed out in front of it.this happened again about a month later and my mother came in my room and saw my limbs hands arms ******* and i was staring in a strange way.i was taken to hospital where they concluded i had epilepsy. i was having big fits and they changed the medication because the seizures now were becoming more frequent. i was having 2 to 3 seizures a im taking anti depressants as well as my anti epileptic drugs and the seizures have whittled down to about 2 to 3 per month. so they have got better but i cant drive because u have to go one year without a seizure to get your license back. so i have to shovel 6 or so tablets a day for the rest of my life

january 2013
story update

yes im still having 3-4 petit mal (small) seizures a im taking anti depressants. i take phenobarbital and phenytoin for seizures but they keep happpening? could it be my depression and lifestyle that causes it (a loner with no life or friends whos always had depression since late nineties
for a better estimation of me  please check out my other stories on EP much appreciated
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same boat as you it really sucks.

Taking Dilantin can cause seizures

Not a doctor but I've had depression for years and epilepsy just as long. I've been told sometimes Epilepsy jacks with chemicals in your brain and makes you more prone to chemical off balances and can make depression, manic episodes, and anxiety more likely. i have all three.