I Don't Let Grand Mal Seizures Change My Life.

I had petit mal seizures for about 3 years when I was 4 but they randomly went away when I got sick and couldn't take my medicine anymore. Then when I was 14 I had my first Grand Mal, tonic clonic seizure. I'm not 19 and have had I think 9 grand mal seizures since then. When I wake up out of my seizure that does involve major convulsions, jaw locking, and throwing up I know exactly what has happened and I usually feel sick with a massive headache. The thing I hate the most about having them is not being able to drive 6 months after them. I only got my license 3 months late which I am really lucky for. I had one in a pool 3 years ago, I was under for about 2 minutes before my friend found me, it was the scariest thing for myself and my friends that had to get me breathing again. I'm lucky that I haven't had one in a public place or driving yet but it seems like I've had one everywhere else and I still think about what would happen if I did. I don't let it change my life or things I do, other than I can't take baths, go swimming by myself or drink alcohol which doesn't bother me much. I do go to one of the biggest party universities in the country so drinking is all around me but when I remember what it feels like to have a seizure it stops me right away. I would rather watch people make fools of them selves then have to take another ride in an ambulence and a night in the hospital. I have told my friends and family about it so they will know what is happening and what to do if I have one. I'm not letting it stop me from getting married this summer either. I haven't had one in 1 1/2 years and that's the longest time it has ever been. I take lamictal and it seems like it has changed my ways in school but I'm not quite sure if that is the reason. Has anyone ever had a problem with Lamictal?

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I really don't mind lamictal because I haven't seen many changes, maybe because I've been on it so long but I'm scared to switch just in case my body doesn't respond to a different one. My doctor said though as early as 6 more months I can try to lower my dosage but that means no driving and you know how with the military life, being able to drive places is a life saver when you need to get out.

i was on lamictal! it made me feel so tired! i no longer take i took it for two years and just hated the way it made me feel they would try to lower my dose but something about it just didnt do well with my body. i had frontal lobe seizures where i didnt convulse but i literally would just stare off not knowing anything that was going on and mine usually cause me to hypervenelate. they couldnt figure out if i would hypervenelate causing the seizures or the hypervenelation was because of the "seizures" i didnt get my license until i was almost 18 because of them and the pattern was i would have an "episode" around the time of my pd. hmm wierd i know. my last eeg came up fine no seizure wave activity so i havent taken my medicine anymore. i do have high anxiety and asthma now which i had neither my whole life. i have a speech impediment and my doctor said that the frontal lobe seizures could have been happening my whole life just without the other symptoms and no one realized it becaues i dont convulse and thats why i have my speech impediment becasue your speech is controled by the frontal lobe. so thats my story with lamictal and why i was on it!

Yeah I think that would scare me out of driving too but I hate having to depend on people for everything and taking me everywhere

i remember when started having my seizuers i dident want to stop driving but after i went off my mountain into trees with my car an five days in troma care unit dont ever want to drive agan.

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i have been on all types of drugs but the only one i can take is dielatin its a very bad drug an has killed a lot of people but i wish you luck i no what it is like to live with seizers.