I Live With Epilepsy

i live with epilepsy.      you would never no it unless you see me having a seizers .it is part of my life an i dont let it take over my  life but discrimination i find is hard to deal with .

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When you have a seizure in a public place, And the police come a long and start beating you, And then trying to say that you where too drunk when you don't drink, And then putting you in a jail cell, When you should be going to a Hospital and keeping you there for a week and they take your money and telling you not to say Anny thing or they will bring you back and theres nothing you can do about it and there is no help, this happens every day to people with Epilepsy, These type of crimes in the US, go unpunished, And its not just the police that are doing these type of crimes and no one cares,

I wasn't aware that there was discrimination against people with epilepsy either, but sadly that doesn't really surprise me. How are you handling it?

What type of epilepsy do you have? And what discrimination have you suffered? That surprises me, actually. I'm curious to know more.