I Live With Epilepsy

i live with epilepsy.      you would never no it unless you see me having a seizers .it is part of my life an i dont let it take over my  life but discrimination i find is hard to deal with .

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7 Responses Mar 10, 2009

thank you, it has been ruff at times,

& u must not let it take over your life. you're a wonderful guy. and i'm proud of how you've survived. :)

you too? I feel the same way. If you tell someone about it, it scares them, the look at you as a thing instead of a person and alot of times won't hire you if you tell them you have it before your hired. Ive experienced all of these as you said its whats on the inside that matters.

its whats on the in side that matters.

i have a disability called cerebral palsy. my right side is weaker then my left and is smaller as well. in the summer, it is sooo frustrating that i get stared at because of the splint i wear. i feel like they judge me without getting to know me. i hate it!

I think that is ok. It is not your fault - it is not anyones fault. I think you are both very brave to be able to live with your head held hi. I don't think I have anything wrong with me and I am continuelly walking into walls and bright yellow parking blocker-thingys and even people. So please don't worry about that. Con. to live with your head high and proudly because you have every right too. And Kenya, one day your son will understand too. <br />
<br />

For me epilepsy has taken over my life, due to the fact that I have so many seizures. I can no longer drive or work. I have lasting side effects from having so many seizures, I have lost huge chunks of my memories, I alos have to write everything down because my memory has become so bad, I forget to do things, I forget simple words, sometimes it is even hard to have a conversation with someone. I also have one side effect from the dilantin that causes me to look as though I am drunk sometimes, in the way that I walk, I also walk into things ALOT, so if I'm not hurting myself having a seizure than I'm hurting myself walking into things.<br />
Sometimes it can be really tough on my son, he's 12. I have also had to move in next door to my mother because this way I have someone to help me out. It's just been all consuming.