What's the Secret to Living Alone With Seizures?

I began having seizures 3 years ago, at age 39. I have not successfully lived alone since.  I have tried, but I have burned myself a few times, left things unattended and injured myself. I don't drive but have had incidents walking alone as well.  What is the secret to living with seizures alone please?

  I take Keppra and only have absence seizures not grand mal, but still they have proven dangerous.

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I now have my 40 year old daughter with me. She has seizures only after using artificial sweeteners. She is hooked, OCD, on this poison. Does anyone else relate to this. We all want her to live on her own, but feel for her safety. She is also a Juvenal diabetic.

I am 48 yrs old, and I have had 2 seizures in the last 5 years, and they are not grande mal ones. My doctor had sent me for an EEG test- and it is not Epilepsy! They have no other tests to send me for right now. I am scared, since I actually do know before I have one, I got an electric shock (back and forth 5 x's) in the back of my head. What would cause that kind of shock? And after an 11 year old relationship: I may be on my own soon. :-0 Please help me try to explain what I could do to find out more about my Seizures.

I have seizures also and my daughters are going away to college. I am scared to live alone. I have absence seizures so the outside world will have a hard time picking up on them. I do wear a bracelet on my arm but will not help in the house alone. Keppra didnt help me, so I take depakote and vempat. <br />
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I live with epilepsy and I know what it is like but I am the type of person that has good support so living alone is not a problem for me it was at one time in my life but got the right help and now I do everything and my life is so awesome.

I was diagnosed in 2008 with an avm. Have been on zonisamide since, and am on maximum daily dose-500mg. Today I was surrounded by 5-6 medics in their van asking me if I knew what day it was, who I was, etc. Despite my protests, they insisted on taking me to the hospital. They said someone saw me fall on the sidewalk, and called them out of concern because I didn't get up immediately. I was mad because they wouldn't respect what I was trying to tell them-that I have these seizures now and then, and afterwards I'm okay. So I just left the emergency room-with some nurse calling me. It's hard enough to have to live with this crap without more heaped on.

I have bad seizures sometimes I can go a week without 1 then I will have 3-5 a week I live with my 2 children and its so hard my son is 8 and daughter is 3 but I couldnt ask 4 a better son he is always there 4 me when I have a grand mal seizure talking 2 me and always gets paramedics because they go on 4 about 5 mins he even brings me out of my abcences that can last 4 30 mins he is my hero I live everyday as it comes just keep fighting

Welp im onlevetiracetam 1000mg itell ya thisaint no joke i thankgod ihave warning signs or auras id be in your pre di cor ment maybe thenext time you have aseziure try to realize rember feelings thoughts tastes you have b4u seziure and workfrom there then look for support around the complex street where u will beliving@ that you can #1trust #2train#3give yourkeyto get inyour place and be in contact with them on a daily basis to make sure you are oka !

absence seizures >> think many times others for get about them andhow nad they can really be if you go into the day dream amd fall<br />
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i have had seizure disorder all my life. i have always had to live with someone. i take kepra. i have memory loss long and short term. i dont know if its from the meds or the grand malls. i am at a loss on how to lead a productive life. i have to stay in good shape to help prevent further injury during seizures. is it a no win now that i am getting older 38 i hear of people that die from this disorder is it a matter of time?

I have lived on my own for more than 20 years and have epilepsy since I was four. Keeping things going is sometimes not easy, but I manage. I did not believe I could do it. But I proved my own self, and others wrong.

I am a freshman in college and since I cannot drive due to seizures (about 2-3 grand mals per year) I live on campus. My roommate is hardly ever around and I have been trying to figure out if there is any possibility of living alone. My seizures only happen at night and the most recent one broke through my medication, so I even worry about trusting my increased dosage. I have had several panic attacks at night, just in fear that I won't wake up the next morning. Neither I, nor the university I attend has found an appropriate solution to keeping me safe on nights when my roommate isn't around. Switching roommates isn't an option at this point either. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hey, please don't diss those of us who take Keppra to control our seizures. I have grand mal ones if I dont. But I function normally and live on my own for about 4 yrs now and slightly ocd about a clean house when I am in the mood. But I can drive, have a normal job being an EA or teacher. I have finished my Associates and working on my BA still but I will not surcome to being another statistic without a BA I am more determined than ever.

Well articulated, skittlemethis. I just started having grand mal seizures in May 2012 and Keppra seems to be the one med that does the trick (knock wood). I'm a pschologist, and your response shows how important "mind over matter" really is. Good luck to you!

hey Donny1,<br />
i've been on my own since i'm a young man of 23 right after i finished school.the seizures i have are complex-partial and very occassionly,a grand mal.the partial-complex is something that if people are unaware very often don't even know.i was in a group of 7 other men looking at a set of building plans at a job site,i had a seizure,partial-complex and when i recovered from it and became aware,i had a foreman yelling at me for not paying closer attention.no one had a clue.the reason i tell the story is to tell you don't think everyone else in the world knows,they don't.you can function perfectly fine.people like us just need to be additionally careful in certain situations.i do not drive anymore,stopped doing that 25yrs ago.lastly,i'll tell you this,for the people that love you,care about you your illness is a non-issue all the others,the heck with them.you will be just fine,take that first step.be well

Thanks, gayat54!! The more I hear success stories like yours, the more I want to become more independent.. It is wonderful to know you have 17 years successfully living without an aide!!! And I think your right about my diagnosis too and need to push my doctors to investigate more. Thanks!!

keppra is a very bad drug i live alone with my seizures an i am in better shape than a person who dos'nt have seizure's i never get sick i am alway's doing things i am in good health better than anny one i no.