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My name is Christina, I'm from Brooklyn, New York and I had my first grandmal seizure on my 13th birthday in front of all my friends at my sleepover party. I scared the crap out of everyone and I continue to do so 15 years later. I have them in the shower, when Im stressed and sometimes when Im doing well my doctors say I have what they call a "breakthrough" seizure which I believe is my body's way of giving me a seizure just cause it feels like it!! I've had quite a sense of humor about my epilepsy since I've had it, I never let it run my life. I've had plenty of boyfriends and they have all seen me have a seizure and took very good care of me and accepted me anyway. Now I am 28 years old and I am married. My priorities have changed since I was a teen and in my early 20's. I want a baby. According to my research, having a baby has many risks for women with epilepsy. I am on Keppra and Carbatrol, my doctor tried to ween me off the Carbatrol so I would be on only one med also Carbatrol is bad for the baby. I had so many seizures in one month . I had 3 in one day 2 weeks ago and couldn't talk or eat since I almost bit my tongue off. My husband was so scared for the first time. My doctor put me back on my regular meds and this baby business is going to be put on hold for a while. Im depressed and scared: not for the seizures, but I really want to have a baby it means the world to me. Has anyone with epilepsy out there had a baby? And what precautions did you take, also how was the baby? Please let me know. - Grandmal

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I have lived with grandmal seizures since age three. I don't remember what I was on when I was little but the doctors always tried to give me liquid meds and I finally begged my mom for pills when I was 5 cause the stuff tasted nasty. But any way last spring I had the weirdest dream of having a kid and so I asked my neurologest a week later during my yearly check up if it is possible for me. I take Keppra two in the morning two at night 250mg each. He told me for me it was like a 10 percent chance that the baby would actually have epilepsy. I am still currenly without a boyfriend or husband and don't sleep around so I couldn't say exactly for your situation.