Neuropsychological Evaluation

I had my first gran mal seizure in 2005 but I started getting petite mals since 2002. Now, I been having petite seizures almost on a daily basis. I get them in a way that I will stutter, slur my speech, won't be able to read, I'll mix words in my mind and I'll say random words that make no sense whatsoever. I have a difficult time concentrating and remembering the slightest thing. Strange because I know what's happening, and I feel as if I have to justify myself and apologize for sounding the way I do. Those who know me know exactly what's happening, but those who don't look at me as if I'm stupid or the dumb chick.

This has been going on for a while, so my neurologist has sent me to get a neurological evaluation to see exactly what's being affected. I've had 2 sessions of testing different cognitive, logical, math (which I've never been good at regardless, lol), verbal, etc. They want to see if it's something that's been getting worse with the epilepsy or something that has been hidden since I was a little girl (I had bacterial meningitis when I was in 2nd grade). I still have one more session left before the neuropsychologist sends the results to my neurologist.

I wanted to know if any of you (or anyone you know) have had a neuropsychologist evaluation done. If so, have the results helped in anyway improve you in any way with concentration, memory, etc.?

Thank you!! :)

Lonelydancer Lonelydancer
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2010