Frontal Lobe And Migraines

I have frontal lobe spikes and possible photosensitive epilepsy. My symptoms are primarily migraine headaches and migraine auras that never become headaches. Sometimes I get migraine pains behind my right eye that last for a few minutes and then go away. I think I had a nocturnal convulsion sometime in middle school. Most of my migraines start during sleep or just after I have awoken. The most recent was when I had just woken up and I heard the fire alarm, felt like I was suffocating, but could not move and then felt like I faded out and died. It was weird. There was no smoke alarm and I woke up right after passing out. It is weird because I was very aware of the whole thing and could remember it all, but during it, I thought it was real and was feeling kind of hazy.

From what I have read it is really rare for epilepsy to present this way as in headaches, migraines, and auras. I guess that is why I have had symptoms since I was a kid and have been told all my life by my mom and by the few doctors she took me to and the one I went to that I was imagining things or making them up.

I am going to see an ophthalmologist to find out what is wrong with my eyes. The neurologist said it is common for epileptics to see colors on a white page of text that are not there. I usually see reds, oranges, yellows, brighter whites, and grays. The text also "blocks" into sections and it often is too contrasting. Flat objects with bright colors often look 3D to me. Do any of you have this problem?

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I see pale blocks of color on white pages especially when I am tired. I also experienced some seizures many years ago, where I went unconscious and heard what sounded like a very jangling noise, like a very loud fie alarm going off right near me. The going unconscious was very strange and sudden, but I didn't know about seizures and my family dismissed all the symptoms when I tried to tell them about the jangling noise and the feeling of electric shock going through me. After going unconscious I also hit my head many times in my sleep and woke up each time with it hitting the wall hard, but I couldn't figure out how my head had hit the wall each time, because I had almost never moved in my sleep before that. I never got any treatment for seizures; in fact I got laughed at by doctors when I tried to tell them about the seizures later in life, which thankfully have not been as drastic as those were. I still have seizures now and got in trouble at work because I made mistakes while I was sort of blanking out mentally - not unconscious but a sort of memory blank and having to clutch the counter because of uncontrollable je r k ing and knowing I would collapse. I do wish the doctors would take it seriously. I had to quit that job because of harassment and unfair treatment.

**like a very loud fie alarm going off right near me. **

when i had my seizures. and as i was coming back, I ember one in particular, i would hear the same kind of sound, and the shadows of the people who ran to my side

You could report those employers to the Civil Liberties Union.

Thanks for the comment. I would if I lived in the US. But reporting is done differently here, and I did what I could but it took time and I was getting sicker.

I had epilepsy beginning at age 12 grew out out of it around age 23..... one doctor said I grew out of it due to pregnancy............ thank god !!! but I had only maybe 5 or 7 of them during that time.... ;<br />
here I am now middle age with severe migraines FOR THE LAST 9 YEARS......... I often wonder if there is a link WITH Epilepsy MANIFESTING ITS SELF inTO migraines

Yes, there is a link. I get migraines a lot, especially before seizures.

ohhhhh ok thanks for ur reply