Why Am I Not Working?

Why am I not working?

I still do not know how to answer that question. And that is ...killing me on a daily basis!!!

I have been epileptic, now, for about twenty five years, but I nonetheless have managed to work for many years before immigrating to the United States, coming from a country that very few people even know exists.

Even though I had surgery done by a great and wonderful surgeon in NYC about six years ago, my tonic clonic seizures have come back, but very seldom. They do not really bother me, except that they do have some minor influence on my memory and prevent me from driving in this country where it is something that is so helpful most of the time.

For reasons that I have still not understood, I cannot find a job, even though I have all the basics that one needs to have. By that I mean that I have a      4-year college degree plus I am also fully bilingual, given that it does happen that my first language happens to be French.

Yet, I do not work, and again, it does kill me.

Given that I come from...nowhere, I have no network. And that doesn't help.

Even though I believe that I would never, ever do such a thing, I nonetheless can understand why suicide is often linked to epilepsy!

Unemployment is litterally killing me intellectually and emotionnally.

It puts me in a situation that I find is unbearable, given that I also consider myself to be as normal as possible, even though I also need to admit that I am an epileptic guy.

If only there was some sort of a network to help ...epileptics in that field, it certainly would change the world in which I live!


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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

When I was a teen I was worried about such things. But after my doctor tested me by slowly taking some of my meds away it became the fact that I would be more normal and live more normally with my meds then not. But I asked if i could hold a job he told me as long as I take my meds i am fine with anything....including infants, water, and any other obstical but I see your point because it is a hinderance when you tell employers or have to tell them. Thankfully I haven't had to yet. But I agree people do need to be informed but not me so judgemental. A friend of mind once told me that if I decided I wanted to do something and put my mind on it. I could make it happen. And for the most part she was right.