Serious Case of Epitis

I became hooked immediatly,

so much so i even access the site from my HTC 8925 (ATT TILT PDA ) so i can view out of the house...

on the bus,

in a cab,

on the train,

at work,

at home,

in the bathroom,

in the store,

in the laundrymat,

while at lunch

while at breakfast

while at dinner

when i wake up

before i go to bed....

wait... no.. that doesnt happen, cuase i never sleep , cuase im always on EP! LOL

Goodgirlxxgonebad Goodgirlxxgonebad
31-35, F
3 Responses Mar 16, 2008

It's a chance to release feelings that can't easily be shared and a chance to see what other people are into, which generally shows that one's excitements and fetishes are shared by others. It can also be a pleasurably-erotic build-up to ************ or love-making with a partner or two.

My new happy drug EP....

I'm sitting her programming my new palm pilot so I can access the web. Guess what for? LOL