38 Years Old And Impotent

I am 38 years old and in great health. 6'3 195 lbs and work out heavily 4 times a week.

The only way I can come is my rubbing my totally shriveled penis pressed against my body with my fingers.

I have tried all the ED drugs with no luck.

I have seen a urologist, endocrinologist , naturopathic doctor/acupuncturist , sex therapist.

I have to give my girlfriend oral to keep her satisfied.

There is nothing more I can do.
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9 Responses Nov 25, 2012

At least you have tried everything.... We are inthe same boat

Have you tried buying a ***** and doing yourself anally? I ********** quite often that way with a 6.5 rubber ****. I lube it up good and then have at it!!!

After prostate surgery I am not totally incapable of an erection, but DARN close:( I fee your pain my friend. Of course I also fire blanks now too:(

I would would to try oral skills on it I love little p******

I'd love to see you with that tiny weenie :D

My wife has never been able to come from straight intercourse... only clitoral stimulation, but from THAT she can, and does come... multiple times. She LOVES me to come on her face while she masturbates, and when we time it so I come on her just as she is bringing herself off she comes REALLY hard. Her entire body literally jerks and jumps on the bed. She LOVES ***. Loves to swallow it... loves to feel it splattering on her face... on her ****... anywhere on her body... even in her hair. Calls it her "*** shampoo." But that's just her. We both realize she's a unique woman. After I come on her face I go down on her and eat her for a while, sometimes to another ****** that way, then use our little Rabbit egg vibrator on her **** while I slowly **** her with my finger or a small ***** until she comes hard again, at least two or three, sometimes four, more times. She LOVES our sex life! Not for everyone, clearly, but if you haven't tried one of those little Rabbit egg vibrators on your girlfriend's ****, I highly recommend trying it. She WILL love it. ED is a terribly shattering thing to a man's ego, but hundreds, probably thousands of us are forced to unwillingly live with and do the best we can with it. Oral sex, ************, and toys can be a great assist to a couple's sex life. Love those little Rabbit eggs! Worth a shot, no pun intended.... Good luck....

You can bring larger men who are virile to **** your girlfriend and then give her oral while lick up the *** that comes of of her.

I have known a number of small-cocked men, married who did this and had for the most part happy marriages. I find a man who can realize his limitations and then find someone who can fill those to be more of a man than the ones who try to browbeat their wives into accepting less.

We would never feel humiliated because we cannot play violin as well as Itzhak Perlman. Could you imagine denying your wife the right to listen to his music?

I also agree with Beachguy. I would find a university medical center with a FMRI and have a look both in your brain and pelvic area.

What are your 'free testosterone' levels?

Are you aware that an erection is the process of Stopping blood from flowing out of the penis? I have a vague memory of a man who had dysfunctional 'valves' and doctors managed to correct them.

But even with an erection, I imagine your girlfriend would still enjoy other men. I recommend you bring them, so she sees them as an extension of you.

I think there are any number of cuck hubbys you could help

My friend, at your young age, there must be something that the doctors have not discovered that is causing your problem, you are way too young for this, so my advice would be to try new doctors!!!! Good luck to you my friend!!!!! :)

well there are strapons for your girl and if she ***** you with it you can *** that way I do