Except For Morning Wood

My morning woods are as strong as ever, but go fast when I get up.
I never get arousal erections, and only get halfway with ************.
I assume it's from age, side effects from previous medications, and low libido.
I have noticed some improvement when taking L-Arginine, but still can't stay up for sex with penetration.
With digestive problems, osteoarthritis challenges, I just chalk it up to an "expired warranty" and consider what I CAN still do.
I also wonder if the penis has lost it's mind of it's own - like my younger days' spontaneous erections (with no particular stimulation) when I would just about screw the shopping cart to make a spontaneous "climbing out of my pants" erection go away...
Sexual enjoyment is in the mind, so I can still have sex without complete cooperation from my aging Johnson.

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4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Have you tried a pump? I use an Osbon. pump. I have had it for years and it works extremely well. I highly recommend it.

I just started daily Cialis. AMAZING. I'm taking it both for BPH and ED. Two days and I already see improvement in both.

Unfortunately I can't take either Viagra or Cialis, because I had an eye-stroke in 2007.

I wish I still got morning-wood. Even those have become few and far between. I KNOW my warranty is expired, because I put way too many miles on my body earlier in life. They say it is better to wear out, than to rust out, but I have a lot of both "wear-out" AND "rust-out". I also have many of the same problems. I am disabled/retired WAY before my time.

I had to retire on disability in 2011. I get a decent, but not great, disability check.

I know exactly where you are coming from as I have the same problems.