My Secret Desire

A woman of intense beauty lays in wait for me. Her body lies upon silk sheets with rose petals. I see her beautiful breasts so soft and inviting. Her warm sensual body is on display. Candles burn all around, shadows hypnotize and dance on the wall. Her hands are tied behind her to the bed, the silk ribbon shines in the candlelight. She licks her lips in anticipation of my arrival. I am nude with only my silk robe to break up the image in the light. I come over to the bed and lean over and kiss her deeply and passionately. Her nipples are hard as acorns and her breasts are round and soft, a compliment to her sex. With kisses I go down her neck, I can tell she is waiting. I whisper in her ear, "are you ready ?" She nods in agreement. I travel down to her breasts and take her into my mouth. I playfully stop and look into her eyes, knowing this drives her crazy. I decide tonight will be one she will remember. I reach over and get a blindfold from the side table. I place it over her eyes, she licks her lips in anticipation. I suckle her with deep long sensual sucks. Her soft breast so warm and tender in my palm. She gasps and arches her back with a long moan. I want to make sure if she wants to go to the extreme. "Now"? I ask". Yes" she answers. I position her body so I can go between her soft creamy thighs. Her sex is open for me, her sweet juices glisten in the light. I lick and taste her sweet nectar. She squeals and bites her lip. After I get her attention. I reach over to the table and grab a candle. Very gently with care the wax drips on her mound, she cries out with pleasure. I blow to cool it down. She begins to pant and moan. I giggle with delight. She pleads..." Please baby". I agree to her request. Placing the candle back on the table, I take her **** in my mouth and suckle it with desire. She arches her back and begins to shake and squirm, the bed shaking with her twists. I lick her labia inside and out, sucking her soft velvet folds, she loves this and moans with delight. Tasting her sweetness, makes me hard with anticipation. I can tell she needs me. I lean over her and begin my decent into her valley of passion. She cries out "Yessssss. " Her legs wrap around by instinct. I feel her grinding into me, my lips kissing hers, tongues dancing with desire. I go deeper into her moist walls, they try and hold me there, milking me of my seed. We move in time. I pull out and move down to suckle her deeply. I feel her shake as she lets down into my mouth. Her warm milk feeding my deep hunger, flooding my cheeks. I swallow with craving lust. This sends her into another ******, shaking she cries out OH GOD!!! more violent then before. I feel her squirt her sweet nectar as it floods the sheets. I kiss her deeply as she gyrates underneath me. Our lips lock and we kiss lovingly and slow. After, I go back into her depths. She feels so wet and warm. With each thrust I get closer to the edge. Finally with out warning I release and fill her with my love. I can feel her spasm as I pump each jet into her. Her nirvana evident by her flushed cheeks. After I collapse on top of her. I remove her blindfold and then untie the ribbon, dropping it into the floor softly and gently. She wraps her arms around me and her leg lays bent under my cheek. We kiss deeply and very sensually. I say softly, running my fingers through her hair, " Was it good for you?" She laughs and smiles...
Dreampoet Dreampoet
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5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Very sexy and sensual...

My God that was ... im a writer too and this just gave me a tiny ****** .. keep them coming will u

That is the biggest compliment you could have ever given me. I am flattered. It means I touched you deeply. Thank you.

You did, and I think you should do this for a living .. you painted me a scene that I will play in my head next time im horny and alone ...

Some of my milder poetry I have published in anthologies etc.

Good for you ..

Always is ..

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I want to be that woman for you. Please message me.

What do you do for a living? If you aren't a professional writer, you have missed your calling

Well actually I work for an IT company, I usually write poetry. This is new for me, thank you for reading.

Great story, Sweetie. Very erotic and enticing.... I loved it. Thanks for sharing!

Your welcome.