Em Major

i have em major and been dealing with this for 2in a half years i filed for disabiluty because i cant work like this thy come every two months  i have been on acyclovir did not help i have been on steroids did not help the lesions are so painful when they come i can barely walk can someone help me
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Hi, I have had EM since I was 18 years and I am now 38. I have had it vaginally, eyes have been affected to the point weher they were blood shot red and sealed in the morning, skin , hands, toes, and orally. This condition has plagued my existence as it just recured all the time and got to a point where it was just always there and never went away. After spending money on specialist that didn't know anything, so desperate and frustrated to control this horrible condition, i tried all kinds of things. Finally I found a way to control the symptoms and have been symptom free for 4 years. Please visit my website www.erythemam.com to read my full story and see how i managed to stay symptom free.

I am 23 female I have erythema multi forme major. <br />
I was mis-diagnosed about 8 times by two differant hospitals<br />
The confusion the pain the humility I go and went to is beyond <br />
Rediculous and heart tearing. I have a symptom flare about 5 times a year the pains rediculous I feel like my lifes over im young <br />
This is crazy..i got mrsa in dec of 07 and they gave me sulfer drug and bam from there my life went to the 7th realm of hell. Nobody beleives the pain I go through my body is scarred and I feel theres no way out I cant stand being in my own skin I feel like any day im just gonna die I need someone who suffers from this to just talk to me no one who doesnt go through it just dony understand.

I understand I've had it for six months I'm scared it's seems all I do is research this consumed my life

Perhaps you could try to find out if your allergic to anything, I am and the elimination diet did help me a lot. there are now a multitude of things I avoid and overall I have been much better as a result.