Em From The Flu Shot

I was diagnosed with EM about 8 years ago. It is kept under control now by taking 500 mg of Valtrax daily. One year ago I had a breakout which wasn't controlled by Valtrax and I needed to be put on a low dose of prednisone. It went away and I have been fine since last Friday. Over a year has gone by with nothing. Last Monday I got the flu shot and 4 days later I started breaking out. I had an A HA moment. It just dawned on me that it was probably the flu shot that activated it. A year ago in November I had the flu shot too and that is probably what activated that incident. My question is...how do I protect myself from the flu in the future? I'm over 60 and it is recommended to get the shingles vaccine. Now I'm afraid to get that vaccine but I certainly do not want shingles. Any recommendations?
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

Hi, I have had EM since I was 18 years and I am now 38. I have had it vaginally, eyes have been affected to the point weher they were blood shot red and sealed in the morning, skin , hands, toes, and orally. This condition has plagued my existence as it just recured all the time and got to a point where it was just always there and never went away. After spending money on specialist that didn't know anything, so desperate and frustrated to control this horrible condition, i tried all kinds of things. Finally I found a way to control the symptoms and have been symptom free for 4 years. Please visit my website www.erythemam.com to read my full story and see how i managed to stay symptom free.

I don't have any recommendations, however I a a healthy 29 yo male that was recently diagnosed with EM. The interesting part is I have never had a flu shot in my life until last month. 3 days later my palms started itching. Now I have hive like patches all over my body (minor, not major). I believe I developed EM as a result of the flu shot.