Summer Daze Are Hot!

This is my second summer with EM, but the first with a diagnosis. The heat here in Colorado can get intense. Many days in the 90's and 102 last week. Once my legs and feet get going, it is difficult for them to calm down. So, if I venture outside, I come in and am in pain for a long time. I wear sandals all the time, but am beginning to even have trouble with them. I am considering moving, but not sure where to. I was diagnosed at Mayo's in Rochester. I am trying new ideas to see if they work or not. I am feeling down and isolated since the summer heat came. I love to kayak, but that is even too painful now. I don't want to ***** or complain. I just want some support and ideas. Please help.
rmh1 rmh1
51-55, F
Jul 20, 2010