Estrogen Dominance

Just before I started HRT my doctor did a blood test. As she gave me the results she explained that all of us have both male and female hormones in our bodies and it is like a balance beam. Few are at or near the ends, most of us fall somewhere in between and mine were virtually at the balance point. So when she wrote me scrips it was for a low dosage of estrogen and a susequent blood test showed that I was easily well in the range for females. So yes I have estrogen dominance now and I love what it has done, so does my wife, truely bringing out the female within me.
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without doing anything except surviving melanoma cancer, I developed large itchy nipples, small breasts, all fat went down to booty and hips. Now I can only wear women's jeans, shorts and panties.

Interesting. Now that you wear these items do you prefer them over male clothing? or is this simply due to function. Have there been any mental emotional changes or simply those you've described? I'd love to hear all about it.

Try fitting 38 - 32- 38 into male clothings, uncomfortable and looks crazy

TGhubby, could you care to elaborate on what the estrogen has done specifically.... in bringing out the female in you? And what your wife loves so much about it.

Well I tell you briefly is that not only does my total body now have the secondary sexual characteristics of a female, but my whole body chemistry has become female. So mentally and emotionally I am female. This is what my wife loves about it. So does that help Jim?

TGhubby.. forgive me for not reading further. You were so wonderful in your responses here as to how the HRT has changed you. It was warming to hear of the few others that also added to the conversation. I myself was never all that dominant.. but enjoyed my time as a young male, but now as I've aged I feel different... more willing to be lead or submissive if one would care to describe it like that. I feel I was always a bit more sensitive than most males. Some feel that having a twin sister I may have been influenced at birth by that. I have to admit that the idea of having myself change as you have would be delightful. But at 53 and still with young kids... it's not likely. And all though my wife is loving, I'm no so sure she would be willing to accept me more as female. Sexually I don't feel all that interested in sex. How that could change with HRT I could only listen to others as they speculate. Thank you for your response. I never tire of hearing how other men deal with some of this.. even if they don't have estrogen dominance. My own personal feeling is I would love to explore becoming more feminine including looks... but that's far from being realistic given my daily obligations. I've often fantasized what it could be like. And like many, I enjoy chatting with other TG women. If I may ask, how old are you?.. and do you have photos of any of your physical changes? I don't wish to be rude, just adore seeing how much some can and have been feminized. I'm sure you're becoming a wonderful woman. To me that would only be complimentary.. were someone to say that to me.


Hi Jim -
Thanks for those kind words and yes there is a lot to being TG, but even more so up to how we deal with it and our circumstances.
As for my age, a lady doesn't usually tell but I am now in my mid fifties. As for pictures, yes my wife has taken quite a few over the years and each one the changes aren't that obvious, but looking back you can really see the differences, especially thanks to HRT.
Again thanks for those kind words.

Thank you Lee for responding. You truly are an inspiration to us all with your brave commentary here on this site. For some odd reason, I was happy to hear we're somewhat close in age. Though it may not be possible for me, it's as if I was living through you. With such an accepting wife, I'd be curious if you have any goals for the future. You wouldn't be the first person I know of online, that once retired they were free to live full time en femme. Given that the HRT has slowly changed you... perhaps it's possible... assuming that you wish this. I could only hope to hear more here whether it be you or others like you. It's always good to know that I'm not the only one that feels like this.. or desires it as well. Kind words....... perhaps.. or perhaps just the truth. I used to respond to that as... well "it's the woman inside me".


You're welcome Jim and you are right we are very close in age. As for goals for the future, well I have met or in a number of areas exceeded my goals, living as a woman full time and I intend to just continue. I am a happy camper as they say and my wife is happy too, sharing the feminine. And I like your response, it's the woman inside me! ;-)

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Your reference to the 'balance beam' of hormones is
simple to understand. For many years I have felt the presence
of a feminine side--medically have left it unattended. It seems
that my feminine passions stimulated by daily dressing at home has
increased my bodies sensitivity from a natural increase in my
estrogen. I would say the balance has been altered to 30% male hormones,
70% female. I have discussed transitioning and going on hormones
with my psychologist, so I just need to tell her I am ready for a doctor to
give the ok for a small dose of estrogen as you have described.
Following your small dose---what feelings came up for you?
What physical sensations or changes?

Good for you Laura and yes it was my wife's and my doctor who came up with the 'balance beam' ... simple, understandable and it does capture what happens to us as well as others with our hormones.
As for the sensations or feelings or changes that came up when I started hormones, well it was almost immediate, but it was more internal, things that my picked up on, as she noted I was happier and at the same time more emotional ... characteristics that almost all we women share. And that was within 2 or 3 months. By 6 months my body was changing, my nipples were now very sensitive, my skin softer, etc. but most physical changes were not yet that noticeable to others. However by 12 months those physical changes were definitely noticeable, albeit my breasts had nicely developed (I was a full A-cup), my body fat had nicely changed to a more female look (had more through the hips and butt), etc. My wife notice somewhere in that 6 to 12 months period my thought pattern had become more female too. So does that answer your questions?

Oh yes, very much so---
and it thrills me to have this kind of
real life communication from a woman who
has been there, and loves who she is becoming

Thanks dear and it sounds like you are in a similar walk to mine. Believe me, it is exciting Laura being your natural self full time.

Well dear it is predominately estrogen, though over time my doctor has had me take other things too, but in a low dosage.

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I recently had my testoterone and estregene tested and I am athe bottom of the range for testoterone and near the top of the range for estrogene. The anti-androgene treatment for PCa has done it's job. My PSA is
O.1 which is great but my 38 C breasts keep growing which is great too but now I can only make love with my wife like a lesbian. I love the the new sex life but i still dress like the man I was before. Look on the bright side, my cancer is in remission and I'm 85 y/o and we still enjoy having sex, just differently now.

Good for you, dear, and good for your wife too. Like the two of you my wife and I both enjoy lesbian sex together.

so lucky ladies i wish to join you where you find so sweet wife.kisse for both ladies

Many years ago I some how brought the subject up of me cding, but my wife said it would make her feel like a lesbian did not want me to cd! I have to dress with out her knowledge/approval! Oh well!

better to do it secret than lose your wife !

Good for you people! God Bless!

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I think I must too. I dream about being female and find myself wishing I was born female and I know I would be so feminine. Please add me.

I don't know if it is me, but I'd like to find out. Certainly plausible. Thank you for sharing. :)

You're welcome, Meg.

I would love to have my wife approve and help me dress! Please consider adding me.

I did, Billy ... ;-)

wish we could compare our breasts

Well I'm a 36C Donn, how about you?

42 B to C getting closer to C

That sounds like a dream.

It was and continues to be, Rosso ... and at least for me a dream come true!

Gald to hear that your estrogenise life seem better, would yoou recomend it to other males?

Thanks dear and yes life is much much better for me now. As for recommending HRT to others ... well yes and no. As I've said before it is not for everybody, but some of us, like me, the female has been such a part of who I am and it fits, then certainly HRT could be the answer and something to consider.

There are so many like you here on EP and Else where on the net, the only difference is some don't have the motivation or courage to go thru like you did (bravo), and wishful thinking never got any done.

Thanks dear ... and I agree!

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Remember to get the 16 ratio estrogen tested, some think this is part of prostrate cancer risk!
It is an overnight urine easy and inexpensive

Good point Jaime. I go to my doctor every 6 months for a check-up and part of this is a blood test and once a year a urine test too. All have come back fine.

Tell me more about this test so i can talk to my doctor. this may be the reason for my gender dysphoria

Well there really isn't a lot to tell about either test ... just draw blood and pee into a container. The doctor tells the lab what they need to test for and one of those can be hormone balance. Remember all of us produce both male and female hormones, but in my situation, before I started HRT I was virtually at the balance point. Now, thanks to HRT which my doctor prescribes I am well within the 'normal' range for females. Does this help?

I didn't ask for it. My Dr. prescribed anti- androgen for prostate cancer treatment. It suppresses testosterone which feeds the cancer cells. It also allows the estrogen to go to
work. I have developed c cup breasts with big nipples and my penis has shrunk out of sight and now I have a clitoris and labia where I once had a scrotum. I ********** (jill) and climax like a woman. It's good, no performance problems, no mess to clean up. I love my new life!,

Good for you, Jaspot, and like you I too enjoy my new life with the feminization of my body. And my wife loves it as well.

I never want to go back to making love like a man with a hard penis. I like being a woman, lesbian love lasts longer and is so sexual andmuch more sensual. there is so much you can do with your mouth and fingers and it dosen't have to end with an ****** they just keep *******!

How true and I'm with you on that. My wife introduced me to lesbian love and where I thought it was great before it is hard to believe how awesome lesbian love is! ;-)

I think it is the best way to treat prostrate
Please add cranberry 6 a day
Green tea extract 6 daily
I am thinking the same for me
Wife will support the fem side
Proud to wear panties to bed tonight!

Wear them in the day time too and sit to pee and be a real woman. Don't forget to wipe.

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You are one of the very fortunate ones.

Thanks dear and again I certainly have to agree with you.

That's wonderful. Congratulations!!

Thanks dear ... I agree! A lot of us talk about wanting to grow breasts and some of us, like me, have. But that is only a small part of what estrogen can do and does. It has feminized so much more, like my total body and being. I am still awestruck how with me, even in low dosages, what a wonderful change it has brought about. Now I consider starting HRT my second puberty, but this time I got it right.

how many milligrams is it a day?