My 'sweet' Pareidolia

Seeing faces where there shouldn't be faces. God i feel your pain so to speak.
I just wonder if everyone has Pareidolia (or extreme cases, or is it just an evolutionary thing?

It interests me, where do you see most of the faces/shapes?
PureGrit PureGrit
1 Response May 9, 2012

textured walls/ceilings are where I see the most things, but I don't see faces as much see what I call "comics" that could run the gambit from a unicorn with a ***** for a horn to a genie rubbing a lamp with a duck coming out of it to a picture of batman. I didn't start seeing the "comics" until about a week after a minor concussion but now it seems like every where I look there some crazy seen playing out on everything I look at. Its been about 3 months now but at the moment I quite enjoy it, it's like an inside joke that only I know about.