I Have, Not Crazy About It.

There have been a few people I've sucked off over the years that liked tasting their *** after, and some other guys who want me to share the *** from someone else with them.
I'm not crazy about it, I guess I'm greedy and want all the *** for myself. But I did have a long term boyfriend for a few years who used to take me on dates to expensive restaurants and afterwards we'd go to an ABS or sex club where he'd watch me suck off other guys and bring others over to me to get sucked. He liked sucking **** also but usually no ne wanted him to, they were always more interested in me. So once in awhile after someone came in my mouth I'd stand up and kiss him and let some of the *** slide into his mouth. He'd moan when I did that.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

it's something I really like to do, whether the initial load is in my mouth or my friends. I much prefer the other person to be either a woman or an attractive crossdresser.....there's something very hot & sensual about kissing someone else wearing lipstick & sharing a mouthful of *** with them.