Exercise Induced (among Other Triggers) Anaphylaxis

not only do i deal w/ anaphylaxis triggers daily, but its always worse after my zumba class that i go to (wednesdays) but i have to deal with my heat breakthrough seizures that i get from overheating. may have figured out a way to keep both under control (thank god!!!!) keep cool, and now, if need be pour some water down the back of my shirt. but with dealing with it all over the past few weeks, i've gotten friendly w/ another lady that goes to class to help with the seizure end. only thing is, she's too afraid that she'll hurt me if she gives me the pen. thank god that the zumba instructor wasn't too scared to give me the pen. now keep in mind, my pain management doesn't want it to go in the right leg do to aggravating my RSD and i'm right hand dominate, so someone else MUST give me the pen. i could tell he was a little nervous till i basically said i'd be in worse shape w/o it, that him hurting my left leg. so i showed him where to put the pen in, how long to hold it in for, and to not be too alarmed if i swore at him (lets just say that it stings like a mother f*****r). all i could do was keep my left leg as still as i could, breathe, and try not to scare him too much. (knowing my luck, if i'm at the gym and need it again, it might end up being him that does the pen for me, so cant scare him away.........i know, go figure)
but, i'm losing weight and losing a drastic amount of inches all over, but i'm also gaining a considerable amount of muscle. so 1. i keep cool, and 2. i watch what i eat and btw, 3. must keep about as cool as a cucumber........all in all, i have quite a few motivations going for me.
and the biggest one is, is that even my dear sweet boyfriend, says that i look HOT (in more ways than one)
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at this point only thing i can concentrate on now, is keep on making sure that i have as many people trained in what to do, how to do it, and when it needs to be done. i know with the thing of me being at the gym, if i don't get as many people trained on how to give me a pen, then so far only my zumba instructor knows how to do one (apart from the fact that i may have frightened him slightly from the 1 and so far only time with the way i swear) (like really, those pens sting like a mother f****r, and to be fair, i did warn him) but again, the more people i have trained in what to do, the better off i'm going to be.