A Cup Of Sugar For A Neighbour?

I am on EP today because I am in my usually Saturday afternoon horny frenzy! Got dressed up in my best sex gear and I've been laying on the couch sexting my bf and playing. Part of my self-play usually involves me teasing my nipples relentlessly, pinching, pulling, icing, the sight of those nips standing at attention makes me so wet & ready! And I love to walk around the house passed all the windows with my **** fully exposed. The thought that someone might see me gets me closer and closer to ****** before I even spread my legs. I was standing at the kitchen sink topless looking out the window when I decided I am going to make one fantasy come true. Just told the bf that I want us to pull back the curtains open the balcony doors wide and I want him to take me madly, **** me hard anyway he wants for everyone to see. My flat doesn’t overlook a sleepy meadow, I’ve got dozens of neighbours facing on to me just 20 yards across the way, and my balcony is joined with the neighbours next door. But why just share a cup of sugar with the neighbours when you can give them something sweeter???
14 Responses May 12, 2012

damn you have lucky neighbors

l love your style and attitude babe ! mmmm


You have very lucky neighbors!

please add

Maybe some of them will return the favor

I would love to watch you getting ****** while you play with your *****. And your watching me jack off.....

BJ. I really like the way you think.

I've always wanted to watch a naughty neighbor :)

I bet there's a neighbor out there who'd love you to watch!

Peer from behind the curtains? Ah - no. Walk through your open balcony door and help myself to some - yes!

naughty neighbour!

Wish i was peeping out my window into you

Don't you wish that your neighbours have simialr hobbies like you? Then you can enjoy others giving you the show. I have been fantasing about something like this for years, I hope one day I will perform this act for my neighbors too...

yes! that would be great. I would LOVE to look out my window and catch my neighbours *******, the dirtier the better! Getting wet just thinking about it. Mmm thanks, a little fantasy for tonight's ************.

Could be one of SO many flats in London... if I start looking now, I may find you by Christmas !

get peeping ;)

That sounds like a great view to have :)