Clothes Stolen At School.

Hello. I am Shane, and I love the feeling of having no clothes on. I get cravings to be butt naked from time to time and I usually can control myself. But this isn't a story about times I can control myself, it's about a time that I couldn't.

It was a hot, sunny Friday afternoon and I was sitting in my last period class reading a book that I have read before and I was sweating because it was 40C and I suddenly get this craving to ***** naked. Now I knew I couldn't do that in class so I tried to ignore it. Well after about 20 minutes I couldn't take it anymore. I ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. I wasn't sure if he would say yes but because of my grades and the fact that I have read the book before, she said yes. So I walk to the bathroom, not caring about the pencil and 2 pieces of paper I brought to class, and headed for the basement washrooms. There is only one class down there at that time of day and they had a field trip going on so they were not down there. So I walked into the boys washroom and locked myself in the stall. Once in there I slipped off my shoes and socks. When I put my feet on the cold floor I instantly shivered, but nothing was going to stop me now. I undid my belt and let it fall to the floor. The I pulled off my shirt and threw it on top of my shoes. Once I did that I knew there was no going back. I pull down my pants and kicked them towards my clothes. I breathed out loudly and then pulled down my boxers.

There I was standing butt naked, in a stall in the boys washroom, in the middle of a school day. Any sane person would just stop now, but I am no sane person. I decided it would be fun to walk out of the stall and dance around. So I was dancing around and I "Marvelous idea came to mind. I thought I would be fun to run around the halls in the buff. I open the door to the boys room and peered my head out. No one was there so I took a deep breath and walk out. Let me tell you it was the best feeling I have ever had. Running around school butt naked on a hot day. Nothing has beaten it yet. I was enjoying myself so much and hadn't noticed that something had gotten a little "stiff" down low. So I was running around down there for a good 40 minutes and then I heard a mass of bodies approaching. It was the field trip returning to school to get there stuff before home and with out thinking I ran into the stair well and hid under the stairs. All I could think was "I have to get back to my clothes." Now they were down there for a good 15 minutes waiting for the bell to ring so they could leave. When the bell rang I waited another 10 minutes just to make sure. I booked it back to the boys wash room, but when I passed I noticed that the girls washroom was out of order. I thought nothing of it and continued into the boys washroom. When I got in there I ran into my stall but my clothes had disappeared. I started panicking and I noticed a not on the toilette seat. I picked it up and read it. It read:
"Ha ha look what I have found. Some boy has left there clothes in the stall. It would be a shame if something were to happen to these clothes. I better take them to make sure nothing does. It's a good thing the girls washroom was out of order so I could find these. Now you have to run home naked! Can't wait to see you try and leave the school! I'll be waiting. -Your new friend, Katie. P.S. I gave your clothes to the janitor, he told me he was throwing them out. Have fun.~" Then I got scared. I would have to run over 5 KM to my house and past some girl who would see me naked. And to make things worse my stiffy still had not gone away. I waited five minutes to see if it would but it never did. I took several deep breaths and bolted up the stairs. I opened the back door, and looked outside. I saw no body so I walked out (Hands covering my stiffy) and booked it to the front of the school I was panicking and not thinking clearly and I ran straight into Katie. She laughed at me and took a picture on her phone. I was so embarrassed because she said she was going to to post the picture on her Facebook. I was panicking even more now but she offered me a chance to make her delete the picture. All I had to do was let her do what ever she wanted to me. I didn't like this idea, but I accepted. She brought me to the back of the school and we went into the field near the back fence. She then told me to lay on the ground on my stomach. I laid down and she proceeded to feel my butt. This got me really excited down there then she rolled me over, exposing my erection to her, which she giggled, and started feeling me down there. I was blushing and she said "This is the first time I have seen and felt one of these." She giggled and started moving it in all directions. She looked up at me and noticed that I was uncomfortable and said. "This isn't fun for you?" I shook my head. She then said "Well I'll make it enjoyable for you." She then took off her shoes and socks, through them aside and smiled. I had a confused look on my face but she just kept smiling. She continued playing for a while, giggled, and pulled off her dress. I was shocked but I got a harder down there. She smiled and started feeling the area around my exposed crotch and I smiled a bit. Then she undid her bra and panties and sprawled out, but naked across me, and started cuddling.We did that for an hour or so and it was so exhilarating. She then got up and grabbed her clothes, and ripped them to pieces saying, "If you are stuck naked I am now also." I was shocked and she offered me a ride home. I told her that my house keys were in my pants but she held up my stuff and I thanked her. She drove me home were I got changed to go and meet her at the coffee shop for our date. We are still dating to this day.

Thank you for reading this. I just had to share it with some body.
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