How To Brighten Up A Boring Business Seminar

i was asked by my boss to attend a business seminar, but i find these things boring. jan said she would come with me and make a proper trip of it. we duly packed and set off for the hotel my boss had booked us in to.

once at the hotel, we freshened up and got changed ready for the seminar. when jan came out of the bedroom, i knew that this evening was going to be very eventful. she was wearing 5 inch high heeled court shoes, black lace top hold up stockings, wrap over pin-******** mini skirt and matching single breasted jacket. if you have read about jan before, you will know she never wears underwear. as she was not wearing a blouse under the jacket either, there was plenty of cleavage and *** flesh on show and if she moved a certain way her nips became visible to.

we arrived at the lecture hall and the taxi driver enjoyed the view of jans stockings and cleavage as she got out of the car. we were given our welcome packs and name badges. there were quite a few guys checking jan out as we mingled while supping a free drink.

we made our way to the auditorium and located our seats. as jan sat down, her short skirt rode up and exposed her stocking tops and a little bare thigh. as the lecture went on, the poor guy sat next to her couldn't concentrate as jan kept crossing her legs and showing even more thigh.

after the lecture there were free drinks and a buffet and of course. guys were eyeing up jan. she was enjoying flashing her *** and long legs. at one point she was sat on a high stool and from time to time would expose her smooth *****.

when it was time for us to leave, she was a little drunk and feeling very horny. this was very evident by the way she was snogging me and stoking my **** when we got in the taxi. i slid my hand into her jacket and groped one of her lovely ****. while doing this she slipped her hand into my trousers and grabbed my ****. she whispered to me to unbutton her jacket, so i did. this gave the taxi driver a good eyeful of her naked ****.

i moved my hand from her **** to her skirt. i started to play with the button that held her skirt together and jan looked at me with a sexy look that said i dare you. so i did. i unfastened her skirt and slid it from under her butt, and placed it in my jacket pocket. her ***** was soaking.

we arrived at the hotel and as i paid jan got out of the taxi, **** on show, and naked from the waist down apart from her stockings. the taxi driver noticed this and called out what a gorgeous body she has. jan stopped walking towards the hotel, turned round to give him a proper looked, walked back towards the taxi, leaned in, kissed him and said thanks.

as we walked into the hotel, jan slipped her jacket off and draped it over her shoulder. there was only one young guy on reception and he couldn't believe his eyes. he just stood there gobsmacked as jan walked passed completely naked.

we made it back to the room and had amazing mindblowing sex.

next seminar i have to go to, jans ******* too xxx
ianbradley ianbradley
41-45, M
Jan 18, 2013