Think My Wife Likes To Flash

I think my wife likes to flash, although she always manages to do it as accidently as possible, I know that as a former art school model, she has had no hang ups about showing her body to strangers in the past or giving the odd panty flash, it all started about 12 years ago, we hadn't been married long and had just rented a 3rd floor flat that had been converted from a large Edwardian terrace, the flat had the bathroom at the back of the house and backed onto further flats about 70 feet away, the back bedroom extended further into the garden, so the bathroom window & the bedroom window were diagonally opposite each other about 6 feet apart, when we 1st saw the flat we didn't notice that there wasn't a blind or curtain in the bathroom & that the window started from about 2 feet from the floor and went up to the ceiling and must of been 4 foot wide, with the sink right next to it, it wasn't until one night when I was in the bedroom (my wife was in the bathroom cleaning her teeth) I happened to look up from the bed and across to the well lit bathroom, so see my wife in her little yellow panties & white bra totally oblivious to how many people could see her from their flats opposite, as I continued to watch her she finished, walked towards the bath unclipped her bra and slid her panties off put them both in the laundry basket and got in the shower, again in full view of me and whoever could see in, as the bathroom was so small I could even see her under the shower, once she had finished, she walked across the floor and grabbed a towel that was hanging from the door and spent the next 5 mins towelling herself down in full view of the window, then back to the bedroom to get dressed for bed, as we lived in that flat for 6 months and I never mentioned what could be seen, I imagine that this was her nightly routine and I hope that whoever was watching got a good show, thinking about it now I would of loved to have received an anonymous note & poss picture from one of the neighbors appreciating the nightly show, what is odd though is my wife's fantasy is (when she is riding me) that we are doing it in the forest and someone is watching us, especially my **** going inside her ***** and they ********** as she rides me, she normally ******* at this point, we've done it outside a few times but never in a forest....not yet anyway.....

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My wife is also like that.... We often get a hotel room when we go out to avoid the whole drinking and driving scene. The hotel windows give her a great chance at providing great views to strangers that we will never see again and she takes full advantage of that. Even at dinner and and the bars in a hotel she likes to "accidentally" show sheer panties to others and the waiters to get the ball rolling.

My wife liked to flash, usually my friends, and pretend it was all an accident. When I caught on to her little game, I tried to secretly help her out when I could. We both got a kick out of her Experiences.

i love your story. too bad you didnt take any pics

My ex-wife used to do that to my buddies when they would come over, such a turn on. She would mostly wear stuff that she could flash them. To know my friends just got a real good look at her ***** or her titts made me smile. I have so many stories.

Very nice story - my wife does the same, putting all the brightest possible lights on in the bathroom nightly, while she showers and gets ready for bed. All we have are "sun block" shades, which are completely see through at night, with lights on inside. Deeeeelightful!